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Guangdong PINENG Commodities Energy Industry Co., Ltd. eighth anniversary celebration

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July 17, 2017, we ushered in the eighth anniversary of the PINENG. Time flies, eight years of towering years flop, the PINENG from the initial development of several small companies for today has hundreds of people strength of the factory, the sales network from Taobao as a starting point, to the current sales outlets throughout the sea Both inside and outside, has gradually become a strong development of enterprises.

In this festive day, PINENG can be with more than 600 partners from Domestic and foreign gathered together to celebrate the festival. On the morning of 10 am, accompanied by a lively gongs and drums, in the meaning of the auspicious lions, our chairman Mr. Zhang Yulong, Managing Director Mr. Liao Linwei and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Mr. Zhang Yushi to worship the gods of the Guangdong tradition Ceremony, officially opened the Guangdong Commodities Industrial Co., Ltd. eighth anniversary of the prelude.

Afternoon industry cocktail - expert lectures, deepened the customer guests to understand the energy, membership of this opportunity, we also exchanged views on the development of the industry and the future outlook. The highlight of the anniversary celebration - the dinner at the Lee & Hilton Hotel is also on the occasion of the nightfall.

   19:30 pm, accompanied by a lively opening dance, Guangdong Energy Industrial Co., Ltd. thank dinner began. First of all, PINENG for the guests to prepare the eight gold pig, let everyone share the golden pig brought the auspicious and festive, cut the pig ceremony lit the party festive atmosphere.

Review the growth, write brilliant

   At the beginning of the dinner, Mr. Zhang Yulong, chairman of the board, delivered a speech. The chairman of the board gave a speech to the guests on the course of the development of the past eight years. He thanked all the partners for traveling along with wisdom, sweat and talent. Partners to join hands in creating the future of determination and faith. At the same time, the evening announced three major events ------- PINENG can be established in Thailand branch; Guangdong Commodities Industrial Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Torch Vocational and Technical College to achieve "school-enterprise cooperation"; Guangdong Energy Industrial Co., Ltd. limited Company and Zhuhai North Normal University to achieve "production and research cooperation", and "build laboratory." In addition, by the Shenzhen Tianshi Technology Investment Co., Ltd., Zhongshan YingHeng Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Guangdong Products Industry Co., Ltd., the three companies jointly set up the "Guangdong Commodities Technology Co., Ltd." also signed on the day of the official Set up.

Thanksgiving encouragement, all the way peers


The PINENG of eight years of development and growth, can not do without the correct strategic guidance of the board, can not be separated from the trust of customers and suppliers to support, but also inseparable from the full quality of the staff to pay. Thanksgiving all the staff support the love, the scene commended a number of outstanding dealers and suppliers, it is set up lottery feedback customers, randomly selected numbers, pumping the lucky ones have the opportunity to get the goods can provide 10,000 to 100 million Ranging from the voucher bonus, in order to thank the goods can have outstanding contributions to the dealer. The leadership of the board also expressed gratitude to each guest and toast, the atmosphere was both excited and warm, and the evening scene to a climax.

   8 years time, all the way wind and rain, all the way rainbow,PINENG can continue to grow and grow, the company all staff from top to bottom, united, for the goods to contribute their own strength. Under the leadership of the company's board of directors,PINENG of products has been the first quality, committed to innovation, safety for each customer to provide quality products and services, to become the industry's leading brand.

 Today, the product people will be more efforts to become a majestic team, and constantly for the company's development gave their strength. At the same time we are very grateful to all the way to join hands with customers, suppliers and friends, we would like to continue with you, together to create you and I better tomorrow.

"Taste of mobile life, energy life with me", in 7.17 this exciting, memorable day, we hope that the eighth anniversary of the happy birthday, business booming, flourishing, to a higher level! We will be based on today's new starting point, keep up with the pace of the times, and constantly research and innovation, fly!

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