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How to tell a genuine Pineng power product from a real one

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1. Examine the parameters of the machine: this method is more suitable for mobile powers produced by unknown small factories. For example, if a mobile power of small volume turns out to have very high nominal capacity such as 6000-7000mAh, you should be very careful. Now, mostly used battery cell of mobile powers is 18650 cell and lithium polymer. The 18650 cell is of a cylindrical shape, with a diameter of 18mm, and a height of 650mm; the maximum capacity is 3000mAh. They are generally made into cylindrical mobile power whose shells have obvious round corners. For instance, Pineng PN-902. The 3000mAh 18650 lithium new products are sold at prices between 25-30 yuan. When selecting finished mobile powers, take into consideration the battery cell as a reference. The polymer lithium batteries can be customized by the manufacturer, which do not have a fixed shape. The capacity of the polymer can be very made very large; at the same time, it is also possible to increase the volume. Mobile powers are usually made into the box-like shape. In general, the capacity of a polymer as large as a credit card is between 2500-3000mAh.


2. Examine the shell of the machine: basically, the craftsmanship of the appearance a product represents the level of quality of the product. No matter how exquisite the shell of a counterfeiting product is, there is a great mismatch between the faked and the real ones in the overall industrial design. Because there is only one product in front of us when we are shopping for it, and there is no comparison, we should pay attention to the conditions of the joint between the interface of the mobile power and the opening of the shell; whether there is any losing items inside which gives off abnormal sounds when shaking the mobile power; whether there is any burrs on the joints of the shell; whether the split lines on the upper and lower lids or the joints between components are neat; whether the gaps are uniform; whether the shell has shrinks. These can be examined carefully in the light of under the sun; if there are any defects in these areas, they are most obvious when being placed against the back light. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether there are color differences or black spots on the surface.

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