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Interview with general manager of Zhongshan Pineng Battery Co., Ltd. Zhang Yulong

Number of visits: Date:2014-1-2 18:30

Editor: Mr. Zhang, how do you do! Thank you for accepting the interview by How is the business of your company lately? Would you please tell us about the current situation of your company?

Zhang: Pineng has been running smoothly lately. The exports ratio shows a strong growth. The company is now mainly oriented to increasing the R&D of new products and building brand image. Two new models were launched in September, and two in October. The brand awareness made further progress in the mainstream media listing of the IT category.

Editor: As far as I know, your company is mainly engaged in producing mobile powers, so would you please talk about the advantages and unique features of your products compared with similar products?

Zhang: Pineng mobile power products are mainly featured by novel and beautiful appearance, LCD display of battery capacity and charging status, affordable prices, high cost effectiveness, strong independent research and development strength, excellent product quality, and brand image endorsed by celebrities.

Editor: I heard that the company has recently developed a new product, PN-913. Please tell us about the new improvements of the new product compared with the old.

Zhang: PN-913 remains using LCD display; the display mode is altered to “digital display of battery capacity to the accuracy of 1%”. In terms of the outer shape, the currently popular piano paint shell is adopted, complemented with the bright flashlight function equipped with a spotlight cup.

Editor: Mr. Zhang, following the introductions to your company and the advantages of your products, can you talk about the market strategy of your company in the current context of intense market competitions?
Zhang: Pineng’s market strategy in the next phase is to focus efforts on brand building and strengthening research and development, and further expand the traditional advantages of the foreign trade market.

Editor: could you tell us about the current production scale of your company, as well as the position and the characteristics in the market?
Zhang: the current scale of production of Pineng is moderate. Foreign trade and export is the dominating business, while the ratio of domestic market sales is not high.

Editor: What is the business model of your company? Do you have your own agents? How is the condition of sales channels?
Zhang: Pineng’s business model is based on foreign trade and export. In the aspect of domestic sales, we have agents in major capital cities across the country, and adopt the traditional large retail channel for sales, such as, computer cities and mobile phone cities.

Editor: It seems that the company has a very strong competitive strength. I would like to know more about the strategies and approaches adopted by the company in terms of expanding market promotion (or enhancing brand image, or paying attention to post-stage services).
Zhang: Pineng attaches great importance to brand promotion, and invests heavily in advertising on traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, and television. At the same time, we also vigorously promote our brand on the emerging online media such as professional IT sites and microblog.

Editor: online media blind and dazzle, why would you adopt online marketing? In what way do you think it can help you?
Zhang: online marketing is mainly targeted to establishing the brand image and increasing brand awareness. As a matter of fact, its influence on sales performances is a long process. I believe that through layout in advance, we are able to safeguard the sound development of brand building of Pineng.

Editor: how is the effect of online marketing of your company? Do you plan to strengthen the efforts in publicity?
Zhang: the effect of online marketing is more evident in the aspect of enhancing brand awareness, while the effect on the sales performances depends on the medium and long term data.

Editor: what are the problems that the company has currently encountered? What are the main obstacles? How do you deal with these challenges? Do you have any plan to resolve these contradictions?
Zhang: The main problem now is that there are too many factories producing knockoff products in the mobile power industry, which participate in market competitions with low prices by faking battery capacities using battery cells. Before the national standards are introduced, consumers are apt to being misled, causing damage to consumers’ confidence, and affecting the environment of the entire market, while being subject to the impact of counterfeit Pineng products, which has considerable adverse influence on the brand image. We still do not have effective solutions to solve these problems. The only way out is to intensify propaganda and establish the brand image.

Editor: What is the goal of the company this year? Do you consider expanding businesses to other industries in the future? What are you development plans for the next three to five years? Would you reveal some news about it if it is convenient for you?
Zhang: Our main goal is to launch five new models before the end of this year. In the short term, we do not have considerations of getting involved in other industries. Mobile power will remain the primary task, and we will try to become an expert on mobile powers in the industry.

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