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Supporting university students to start ventures, carrying forward green energies developed by universities

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While spending efforts in branding, quality maintenance and technical innovation, Pineng also actively responds to the national call, to pay attention and support university students to start venture. The “Pineng Mobile Power National Campus Tour” jointly launched by Pineng and the Simai Entrepreneurial Team of Beijing Union University is about to kick off.


“Pineng Mobile Power National Campus Tour” will be officially launched in April, which will set sail simultaneously at more than two hundred colleges and universities in more than 20 cities, including in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Wuhan. Through this event, the company will recruit a large number of work-study students, providing them with a platform to improve themselves and exercise their abilities. Meanwhile, the products at this event were targeted to the actual consumption conditions of students; that is, while the power consumption of smart digital products is large, the campus environment cannot guarantee sufficient electrical power supply, to realize outdoor charging for various digital products anytime anywhere, bring this convenient mobile lifestyle into campuses, and ensure that the wonderful life at university will never encounter power-off with the lowest prices, superior quality and the best services!


The preparatory work for the event has been basically completed. The “Pineng mobile power national campus tour” event will continue till the end of July. Please stay tuned.

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